September 3, 2018
Joe Fairless

Happy Labor Day! Five Investors Who Hustled Their Way to Success

In honor of Labor Day, and for some education on your day off, tune in to these five Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcasts about five investors who labored and hustled their way to success:

#1 – Melanie Bajrovic, From Bartender to Millionaire Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

Melanie was lucky enough to have parents who taught her about money, and how to save it. By the time she was 22 she had a “nice nest egg”. Looking for guidance with what to do with her cash, her dad suggested investing in real estate. Starting with single family homes, she hustled her way into the commercial real estate industry and opened her own business in a piece of property she bought. Listen to what it takes to improve your quality of life substantially through real estate investing here.

#2 – David Moadel, Conventional and Unconventional Ways to Earn More Passive Income

David has been a market expert for years, nailing a ton of different key topics including precious metals, cryptocurrency stocks and real estate crowdfunding. He teaches you how to hustle on the side to earn more passive income. Listen to his episode here to hear some ideas that you’ve heard before, and more ideas that you probably have not. When you have a chance to learn from an expert like David, you listen up!

#3 – Evan Holladay, Hustle Leads to Dream Job as an Affordable Housing Developer

Evan was in the medical field in college before realizing that it was not for him. He noticed a student housing development being built close to his school and wanted in. He blew up the development company until they gave him a task, get 100 students to the ground breaking. Evan got 800! Now working for a large development company, hear how he was able to get his dream job and how they use tax credits to build affordable housing here.

# 4 – Stash Geleszinski, How to Leverage Brokers to Hustle for Deals

Real estate brokers are the gatekeepers to many deals whether they are single family or multifamily. Stash is a multifamily broker and has discovered clever ways to incentivize brokers, organize leads, and covert them over time. All it takes is a little hustle. Listen to Stash’s advice here or read a summary of his Best Ever Advice here.

#5 – Giovanni Isaksen, How Success Will Follow Persistence and Hustle

He lost on a condo conversion deal at the last second all because the bank changed the terms the day before close. Giovanni didn’t give up after a hard loss! He continued to crunch numbers and familiarize himself with larger deals and met some key players along the way. Now he is in the private equity space finding large transactions and putting them together. Tune in here to learn how he did it.

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