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Breaking Barriers: Tips for Women Entering Multifamily Real Estate
Veena Jetti, Vive Funds
What’s a ‘Lazy 1031 Exchange’ and How Does It Defer Taxes?
Brian Davis, SparkRental
Best Ever Conference 2024: Days 2 and 3 Recap
Best Ever CRE Team
Best Ever Conference 2024: Day 1 Recap
April 11, 2024
Best Ever CRE Team
How to Avoid Losing Money in a Real Estate Syndication or Fund
Kim Lisa Taylor, Attorney and Founder of
To Go Public or Keep It Private — That Is the Question
Nic McGrue, Polymath Legal PC
Accelerate Your Wealth: 10 Financial Habits of Millionaires
Samantha Parrinello, Viking Capital
3 Steps for Passive Investors to Identify the Best Real Estate Market
Justin Goodin, Next Level Equity
Best Ever Cause: Archway Communities
April 1, 2024
Best Ever CRE Team
7 Mistakes a New Syndicator Makes When Raising Capital
Kim Lisa Taylor, Attorney and Founder of
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