December 29, 2023

JF3403: Best Ever’s Best of 2023: From Crime-Ridden to Cash-Flowing, Biggest Mistakes, Vertical Integration, and Debunking Myths in Mobile Home Park Investing




Today, in the third installment of our year-end Best of 2023 series, we’ll focus on one of the hottest asset classes in recent memory.

Mobile home parks.

In this episode, Derek Vickers takes us through his first mobile home park investment, sharing the lessons he learned in the process of turning a nasty, crime-ridden park into a prime cash-flowing asset. Meanwhile, Tyler Lekas highlights the biggest mistakes mobile home park investors make, Mario Dattilo explains vertical integration and why there’s safety in scale, and Daniel Weisfield debunks mobile home park myths and shares how investors can get in on the mobile home park development game.


You can listen to the full episodes below.​​


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