March 22, 2019
Joe Fairless

March Madness: Ranking Best Ever Show Community Investors as Players

Inspired by March Madness, we asked our Best Ever Show Community of investors, “What was the highest level of basketball you ever played?” Come to find out, we actually have a very extensive range of experience within our group of investors. As investor David Schwan said, “We could put on a real estate investor version of the Harlem Globetrotters vs. Washington Generals.”

We’re not saying we could walk-on to Duke’s powerhouse tournament team, but we do have a few standouts who, with a time machine of course, could make up the BEST EVER Fab Five.

The Best Ever Starting Five based on experience:

Nathan Tabor – The MVP of this list, Nathan dominated Division II teams in North Carolina back in his day. Unfortunately, the shorts back then were borderline NSFW so we can’t see what that kind of dominance on the court looks like, but, fortunately, we can read about it.

Nathan Tabor

John Fortes – The only other college athlete on the list, John was a Division III basketball player in the Northeast. Today, when not focusing on his investments, John is making his way to Division 1 as a referee.

Ben Lovro – Not only was he varsity in High School, Ben’s AAU team won the State Championship three years in a row! Ben has an inspiring life story and is now a big-time real estate investor.

Theo Hicks – If you listen to the Best Ever podcast or have read any of the Best Ever books, you know how smart Theo is with real estate investments. What you might not know is that he might also be the most athletic investor in the group. Just look at those hops! Theo was an All-Conference honorable mention at his high school.

Theo Hicks

Joe Stevie – Joe is a 1,000-point scorer for his high school in Latonia, Ky, with pictures to prove it. Joe also had major ups in his day!

Joe StevieJoe Stevie

Coming off the bench:

  1. Slocomb Reed – Played through high school and then won an intramural championship in college.
  2. Daniel Kwak – Daniel played through his sophomore year of high school.
  3. Kyle Stevie – Joe’s brother. Kyle, played basketball through 9th grade before changing focus to football which he played (or “rode the bench,” as he says) through college. Before retiring his basketball jersey for good, Kyle was MVP on his 8th grade team. Nowadays, he probably can’t beat you on the court, but he’ll beat you on the mat with his BJJ and Muay Thai skills!
  4. Kris Bennett – Played until 9th grade.
  5. Brandon Moryl – Played into high school. Brandon says his highlights can still be found on ESPN.


  1. Grant Warrington – Grant played until 9th grade with the only proof being a picture which fondly entertains his family.
  2. Evan Holladay – An 8th grade intramural league player.
  3. Cody Rubio – Cody played up to 8th grade until the coach politely asked him to focus on anything else. He found inspiration as a relatively short guy to learn and perfect the Kareem Sky Hook and the Dirk fade away.
  4. Jay Helms – Self-proclaimed Uncle Rico of 8th grade
  5. Joe Fairless – Joe made it to the 7th grade C team before retiring from the hardwood. Rumor is he’s been studying apartment syndication since that day.

Maybe next year kid:

  1. David Schwan – He was the last pick in 7th grade.
  2. Eric Kottner – As a 6th grade hooper, Eric says he might have earned a participation trophy.
  3. Grant Rothenburger – Grant says he couldn’t even make the team in 6th grade and is still barely getting picked at the YMCA.
  4. Whitney Sewell – Started playing in 4th grade and played through….. 4th grade! Whitney’s long venture into basketball included not taking the ball out of bounds and running to the other end to score. He figured it out when everyone yelled at him to give the ball back.
  5. Neil Henderson – Played in a mysterious time before camera phones (whatever that means). So, he has no evidence, but swears he was once picked SECOND to last on the third-grade playground once.
  6. David Park – Mostly just as a pick-up basketball player.
  7. John Casmon – John played in multiple leagues, including church, intramurals, and YMCA. John says he only averaged 3.4 points per game but I’ll bet he’s a real journeyman from playing in three different leagues!
  8. Dino Pierce – Self-proclaimed “Bitty Basketball” player. Dino laced them up in the summers as a kid and went from dud to stud in his time on the court.
  9. Vinny Squillace – Played about 10 games of basketball throughout his life but enjoys the team aspect of basketball.
  10. Garth Kukla – Garth says he has a mind for basketball but a body for real estate investing so he chose the right career. However, don’t challenge him to a game of horse, Garth has made 87 free throws in a row.
  11. Chuck Russell – All we know about Chuck’s playing days is that he played it the same way he played football – tackle. Luckily, he chose the field over the court!
  12. Taylor Loht – #27 on this list but top of our martial arts list. LIke Kyle Stevie, Taylor prefers to practice martial arts over basketball and he has his Blue Belt to show for it!

Are you an investor with experience on the court? Tell us about your skills in the comments below or in The Best Ever Show Community.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any securities or to make or consider any investment or course of action.

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