December 16, 2016
Joe Fairless

Friday Real Estate Investing Facts – Best Ever Lightning Round Q&A

Learn this week’s Best Ever guest’s best ever books, personal growth experiences and lessons learned, real estate deals, ways to give back and biggest mistakes

Jeremy Brandt from JF832: Bidding for SWEET Leads and How He Farms Them

Best Ever Book

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Best Ever Personal Growth Experience and What Jeremy Learned From It

“I’ve taken some amazing leadership development classes. I think the number one personal growth thing I’ve learned over the last 10 years is meditation. It really helps calm the mind and focus on what’s important.”

“Sitting in my chair still for one minute or two minutes, focusing on breathing. Nothing mystical or magical about it. It’s purely the chance to slow your mind down, get the cobwebs out so you can really really focus on things. I’ll just do it sitting in my office with the door closed.”

Best Ever Deal Jeremy has Done

“I bought a company in 2007ish called 1-800-CASH-OFFER that we bought and were able to negotiate really favorable terms around the purchase and turn it into a pretty decent company before the real estate market crashed.”

Best Ever Way Jeremy Likes to Give Back

“I love to volunteer in the entrepreneur community so I am very involved in a group called ‘Entrepreneur Organization.’ I volunteer a ton of time with that group. I mentor a lot of up-and-coming entrepreneurs, people who have start-ups, and to me it matches up my passion for business with opportunity to give back to the community and help other people that are going to be creating jobs in the future.”

Biggest Mistake Jeremy Has Made So Far In Real Estate

“Not focusing on the big picture. It’s easy to get down in the details of things and sometimes taking a step back and focusing on the big picture is really important. I mentioned that 1-800-CASH-OFFER company that we bought was a great deal when we bought it but three years later, the real estate market crashed and we lost a ton of money on the deal. And so, that experience taught me a lot more to look into the future. When the real estate market’s hot, it’s great, but I saw dozens of my friends go bankrupt that had millions and millions of dollars the year before…It’s really taught me that in the highs, you have to be cautious and looking forward and preparing for the lows, that evens everything out.”

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Ron Sasson from JF833: How Artificial Intelligence is Used to Filter and Delivers HOT Leads

Best Ever Book

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Best Ever Way Ron Likes to Give Back

“I do work with children. We volunteer at different schools and we work with students who have low start ups and we try to give back [by providing lessons] from our own experience of our own journey and sharing our story.”

Biggest Mistake Ron Has Made So Far In Real Estate

“Definitely choosing the right partners is absolutely critical. More than the resume, it’s got to be an intuitive fit.”

Dan Faller from JF834: Cheap Boise Developments and an Apartment Services AUTHORITY

Best Ever Book

“The most popular book in the world and that’s the Bible. People are surprised when I will tell them that in the Bible, all the keys of success…are there.”

Best Ever Personal Growth Experience and What Dan Learned From It

“As far as growing, I think it’s a daily thing. I just grow daily by my own experiences and I have the opportunity to observe the experiences of a lot of other investors.”

Best Ever Way Dan Likes to Give Back

“We give seminars and we give tradeshows. We do…the tenant screening. We publish a magazine. We have an insurance program here. We have a brokerage division where we help people buy and sell. And we’re giving back in that way to the industry… We also do consulting.”

Biggest Mistake Dan Has Made So Far In Real Estate

“One piece of real estate that I lost money on was down in Texas. I went out of state and there was a financial advisor who’s putting money into it and said it looks like a good deal so I did it. I didn’t even go down there and look at the property. If I had, I wouldn’t have gone into it. I lost a couple hundred thousand off that deal”

“It’s pretty hard to go wrong in real estate, but I did it. I just trusted somebody else who said this is a good deal, rather than examining it myself and putting the numbers together and looking at the neighborhood.”

Max Maxwell from JF835: $10,000 in 2 Days, Using a VA, and How Even New Guys Can Make a KILLING!

Best Ever Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Best Ever Personal Growth Experience and What Max Learned From It

“I would say my last deal…was kind of a good growth experience for me. It allowed me to listen more and find the actual problem that I needed to solve for the seller. Don’t become a real estate investor, become a problem solver

Best Ever Deal Max has Done

“I found a probate deal while driving for dollars and I got the house under contract for $40,000. I advertised it for $65,000 and I end up letting it go for $54,000. So I netted $14,000 on that deal in 4 days.”

Best Ever Way Max Likes to Give Back

“I like to empower people. I’m on the Facebook groups a lot and I see a lot of people asking questions that don’t have the knowledge of where I was…6 months ago about wholesaling. I try to let them see the greatness within themselves and that anything they set their mind to, they can do it.”

Biggest Mistake Max Has Made So Far In Real Estate

“On the deal that I said was the Best Deal Ever. I made $14,000 on it and I accepted the first offer, but 4 hours later, I got a full price offer at $65,000. I sold it for $54,000 and I could have got $65,000 so I would say hear more than one offer but don’t take too long to actually take the offer.”

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In the comment section below, what is your best ever book, personal growth experience, deal, way to give back, or biggest mistake?

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