March 1, 2019
Joe Fairless

Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book Named Top RE Investing Book to Read in 2019

The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book was included on UpJourney's list of Best Real Estate Investment Books (To Read in 2019).

The author of the list said,"after reading many books on real estate investing and trying all types of investing, Joe Fairless' Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book was the most helpful in getting me to think differently. Instead of spending hours investing in single family homes or flipping houses, Fairless explains how to invest money in real estate that has a sponsor who manages the project for a pool of investors. This is the best book ever for learning the apartment building investment syndication process."

Check out the full list here for other books that are inspiring active real estate professionals. And if you haven't so already, pick up your copy of the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book today!

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