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Introducing the Best Ever Podcast Takeover

If you are a CRE podcast host or influencer looking to access a new audience of passive and active investors, you're in the right place.

The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show has a loyal, captive audience of the exact people you're trying to reach. Now, you can access this audience by participating in our Podcast Takeover Program.

How the Podcast Takeover works

In this program, you will take over as host of the Best Ever Show for five (5) episodes. The Best Ever team will help you select CRE investors/pros to interview and you will record your interviews using our recording software.

As host, you will have the opportunity to educate the Best Ever audience about you, your company, and your work, all while positioning yourself as a thought leader in the CRE space.

With 100,000 weekly downloads and promotion in our weekly newsletter that goes out to 17,000+ CRE investors, reaching the audience you want in an authentic way has never been easier.

Cost, application terms, and what will happen next

Fill out the form on this page to be considered and the Best Ever team will review your application. This is an exclusive opportunity, so only a few applicants will be chosen. 

If we decide you are a good fit and you choose to move forward with the program, for a one-time investment of $10,000, we will begin the onboarding process and you will take over the Best Ever Show for five episodes!