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William Slocomb Reed (“Slocomb”) believes in the transformative power of real estate investing to give everyday people the opportunity to gain flexibility in their lives, become financially independent, and build generational wealth for their families. He draws on the experience of a 5+ year career building his own portfolio and meeting the needs of his sales clients to get top dollar for his sellers and to find great deals for his buyers. Now the lead sales agent for the newly-formed TCG Investment Services team, Slocomb has the resources to better serve more of the growing community of real estate investors in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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Slocomb Reed

Episode Spotlights


JF3142: The 4 Superpowers of Real Estate ft. Matt Faircloth

Matt Faircloth is the co-founder of The DeRosa Group, a multifamily syndicator of primarily Class C housing. Their mantra is “Transforming Lives Through Real Estate.”


JF3141: Building Your Dream Real Estate Investment Team ft. Lee Yoder

Lee Yoder is the Founder and CEO of Threefold Real Estate Investing, a company dedicated to providing outstanding multifamily investment opportunities to both novice and seasoned investors to help them build lasting wealth.


JF3217: Get Stable Cash Flow: Expert Tips for Landlords | Bonus Operations ft. Slocomb Reed

In this episode, Slocomb introduces the '200 unit months of operation' concept to predict when a rental property portfolio stabilizes. It emphasizes long-term planning, particularly for small landlords, and discusses the influence of vacancy rates on net operating income.



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