April 23, 2024

JF3519: Why Self-Storage Is Like Netflix, Raising Rents without Losing Tenants, and the Key to Creating Value ft. Jacob Vanderslice



Jacob Vanderslice, principal of VanWest Partners, joins host Ash Patel on the Best Ever Show. In this episode, Jacob provides a comprehensive look at the state of self-storage. He breaks down the impact floating-rate debt has had on the sector, how securing financing has changed, and the changing face of self-storage demand. He also shares how he navigates the tricky world of rate increases with his tenants.

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Jacob Vanderslice | Real Estate Background

  • Principal, Investor Relations
  • VanWest Partners
  • Portfolio:
    • 3.4 MM total square feet of self storage space, including just under 40 properties and about 20K units
  • Based in:  Denver, CO
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Into the Silence by Wade Davis

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