January 26, 2024

JF3431: Raising Private Capital in Multifamily Real Estate | Multifamily Fundamentals




Multifamily Fundamentals is a 10-part series hosted by multifamily investor and syndicator Matt Faircloth of the DeRosa Group. In each episode, Matt and his guests dive deep into the fundamentals of not just investing in multifamily, but in building a real estate business. They dissect everything from choosing the right market, to underwriting and financing multifamily properties, to mastering investor relations — all the way to building out your multifamily dream team.


On this episode, Matt Faircloth and Vincent Celeste delve into the intricacies of raising capital and nurturing investor relationships for multifamily real estate projects. They discuss creating a strong investor database, leveraging social media for outreach, and the importance of systematic processes in business growth. The conversation also highlights the need for investor education and building a robust infrastructure before seeking deals.


Key Takeaways:

  • Investor Database Importance: The episode underscores the significance of building a robust investor database. This foundational step is crucial for successful fundraising and maintaining long-term relationships with investors in the multifamily real estate sector.
  • Educating Investors: Matt Faircloth and Vincent Celeste highlight the need for educating investors. Providing comprehensive knowledge and insights about the multifamily market can build trust and encourage more informed investment decisions.
  • Systematic Processes and Social Media: They emphasize the role of systematic processes in business growth and the effective use of social media. These tools are vital for outreach, marketing, and maintaining investor engagement, thereby playing a key role in the success of real estate ventures.



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