July 29, 2014

JF 05: Get Apt Investing Advice from the Guy Who Wrote the Book on It

JF342: How to Find the Confidence and Knowledge to Do Your FIRST Short Sale

 Today’s Best Ever guest is a jack of all trades, but today we focus on real estate. He struggled to find the confidence to do his first short sale, but it has paid off for him ever since! Listen as he gives us a guide to his deals, and how to find the confidence and motivation to conduct your first one.

Best Ever Tweet:

I saw how big of a return on your investment you can have.

Pavlos Kasselouris’s real estate background:

-Buy and hold investor and real estate agent based in Daytona, Florida

-Started investing in 2013 and has two properties and is closing on his 3rdin two weeks

-Spent 12 years in the Greek Air Force

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