August 6, 2022

JF2895: 9 Thought Leadership Tips | Beyond Multifamily ft. Ash Patel

The Beyond Multifamily series is hosted by non-residential commercial real estate investor and Best Ever Show host, Ash Patel. Ash’s goal for this series is to introduce you to the world of non-residential commercial real estate investing and teach you how to look at and underwrite different commercial asset classes.

In this episode, Ash provides his top nine tips for networking and creating a thought leadership platform. He reflects back on the advice he received from Joe Fairless at a local meetup in 2015 that helped him to become the commercial real estate thought leader he is today.


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1. Get on BiggerPockets.

Clean up your profile, network with as many other users as you can, and build 100 connections. Consider friending or connecting with all the local BiggerPockets users in your area, both online and in person.


2. Start a podcast.

This can seem like a major undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. You can start by adding value to existing podcasts. Offer to host, guest host, or book guests. Start using your phone to record yourself interviewing people you know so you can get a feel for what it’s like. For more detailed guidance, listen to 15 Podcast Interview Tips and 12 Tips for Interviewing Podcast Guests


3. Write blogs.

Start writing blogs and offer them up to real estate websites and newspapers. Make sure they are effective, inspiring, and add value to your intended audience. 


4. Approach your local radio show.

Ash has several friends who have syndicated real estate shows on their local radio stations. You can approach your local radio show, provide them with one of your recorded podcasts, and ask if they are interested in airing your content. 


5. Join (or start) a local meetup.

Meetups are a great way to network with others and present yourself as a thought leader. If local meetups already exist in your area, you could potentially start a subsect designated to your specific niche. The main goal is to find like-minded people that want to meet and network. 


6. Join (or start) an accountability group.

You will be amazed at what you learn from realizing other people’s struggles and goals. Accountability groups are all-around excellent opportunities to network while bettering yourself and achieving your goals. 


7. Host or volunteer at a real estate conference.

There are many ways to “hack the conference game.” Offer to present a topic, host a round table discussion, or organize a happy hour for all the speakers. You could even offer to start a conference for someone. Find your own way to inject yourself into the mix. 


8. Start a YouTube channel.

Creating your own YouTube content is an excellent way to share your craft with others. You can share videos of yourself evaluating a property, creating a pro forma from scratch, or simply having a conversation with one of your teammates. Your videos don’t have to be perfect, either — allowing people to see that you're real is what helps to build a great connection.


9. Start a newsletter.

Your newsletter should go out to all of your family, friends, and past and present colleagues — even those you haven’t spoken to in 10 or 15 years. You can start out by sharing some personal milestones, projects you’re working on, and lessons that you’ve learned. Reconnecting with others and hearing about their own personal achievements can be incredibly valuable.


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