December 6, 2014
Joe Fairless

JF95: Boat and Mini Storage Unit Investing?and SOOOO Much More!

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You’re about to have a lot of fun learning about boat and mini storage unit investing, seller financing, a book I immediately bought after he mentioned it and two ways to become financially free in 7 – 10 years, plus much, much, much…much more.

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Mitch Stephen’s real estate background:

–        Purchased over a 1300 properties in the last decade

–        Say hi to him at (affiliate link)

–        Founder of the San Antonio Real Estate Investors Association  which had over 800 members

–        Owner of 1100 boat and mini-storage doors around the lake where he lives

–        Author of My Life and 1000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom and My Life & 1000 Houses: 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties

–        Based in Canyon Lake, Texas

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