December 4, 2014

JF 93: Ya Betta Put this Clause in Your Condo Conversion Contract

Today’s Best Ever guest shares with you a hard lesson he learned during a condo conversion project and the single clause you should include in your contract to avoid the same pitfalls. He has also successfully built a real estate empire and shares how he structures his deals with investors.

Tweetable quote:

Can’t fly with the eagles if you scrape with the turkeys.

Kevin Mohr’s real estate background:

–        Founder of The Titan Investment Group, company is focused on acquisition of income producing single and multi-family properties

–        Implemented fix-and-flip, wholesale and buy-and-hold strategies

–        Controls over $3,000,000 in investment properties

–        Based out of Jersey City, NJ and been investing over 13 years

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