March 16, 2017

JF926: Don't Listen to Dave Ramsey and BUY 10 Duplexes in 10 Years!

Dave Ramsey is not about debt, but our guest is! He made a goal to purchase 10 duplexes in 10 years, and did it in eight! This was a goal he said after being sick and tired of the rat race, hear about his purchases, management, and where he’s going!

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Cory Binsfield Real Estate Background:

– Financial Advisor at Structured Wealth Advisors, and full time investor
– In 1998, set a goal to purchase 10 duplexes (20 units) in 10 years, reached that goal in 8 years
– That accomplishment lead him to create
– Owns over 97 units from duplexes to apartment buildings, and brings in more than $1 million in annual revenue
– Based in Duluth, Minnesota
– Say hi to him at
 Best Ever Book: Building Wealth One House at a Time

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