February 22, 2017

JF904: UBER Drivers, Rezoned, and Repurposed Value-Add Properties for MAX Return!


Once a duplex, now a two story multiplex...these are the projects our guest loves to take on. He's thinking outside the box, and it's grabbing him a larger ROI. Yes, the risk is still there, but hear how he incorporated an UBER designated parking area to make a project work!

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Erik Stark Real Estate Background:

- Owner of Erik Stark Company and Host of Inner Circle (Real Estate) Podcast
- Current focus is building homes and rezoning land to build high density multi family apartments but still wholesales
- Investing for 10+ years, full time, stopped counting at 400 deals (a few years ago)
- Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida
- Say hi to him at http://therealerikstark.com/
- Best Ever Book: Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Suess

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