November 29, 2016

JF819: Don't Struggle to Fund Your Deals, Here's How You Can Find the BEST Lender


A platform that has a select group of hundreds of the best lenders in the business will find your next lender ASAP. Hear how our guests have completed millions in loan originations through this unique platform and what they're doing today to grow. More importantly, see what's in it for you!

Best Ever Tweet:

David Luke and Selene Nelson Real Estate Background:

- David is VP for Business Development at CommLoan
- A technology platform that matches borrowers and lenders
- Selene is Senior Vice President of National Business Development
- Loan Purposes: Purchase, Refinance, Construction, Rehab.
- Selene-20 years experience in the financial industry; David ? 12 years
- Matching process is based on 30 unique variables
- Based in Scottsdale, Arizona
- Say hi to them at
- Best Ever Book: Zero to One by Peter Thiel

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Door Devil ? visit and enter ?bestever? to get an exclusive 20% discount on your purchase.

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