November 23, 2016
Joe Fairless

JF813: $50K Rehab With a Million Dollar Multifamily Return and Why Who Know Matters


She was a lawyer and is now taking advantage of such a detailed career and setting up large contracts on multi family acquisitions. Hear how she does it through debt investing, multi family flips, and a deal you may hear about on a future episode.

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Krista Testani Real Estate Background:

– Principal and Managing Partner at Sharpline Equity Real Estate Investments
– Sharpline’s focus is Apartment complexes and Single Family Rentals
– Krista has been involved in acquisition of 164 units in 4 states with purchase cost close to $5.5 million dollars
– Began real estate in 2009 with single family home and 2012 transitioned to multifamily
– Law degree from Brooklyn Law School
– Based in Long Island, New York
– Say hi to them at
– Best Ever Book: The Go Giver by Bob Burg

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