November 17, 2016

JF807: How to Make $250,000 PROFIT in Your First Year of Wholesaling

Only making $19,000 won’t cut it in any business, and before wholesaling that was his reality. Cody jumped into the flipping business by surrounding himself with mentors, extremely successful connections, and systems and was able to profit over $250,000 in his first year!

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Cody Hofhine Real Estate Background:

– Founder of Investor Grit and Utah Sell Now, LLC.
– Introduced to Wholesaling and now collaborates with Tom Krol
– In first year of wholesaling real estate, did over $500,000 in assignments
– This year on track to break a million
– Based in Salt Lake City, Utah
– Say hi to him at
– Best Ever Book:The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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