October 13, 2016
Joe Fairless

JF:772 How He Scored $10 MM at the BOTTOM of the Real Estate Market


Rob Swanson is an icon in the real estate investing world and owner of the CRM Freedom Soft. He was able to convince a group of individuals to lend him $10 million in 2008, or at least he was able to create a fund. In this show he shares what he did with the cash and how he structured his overall operations in a weak market. Turn up the volume!

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Rob Swanson Real Estate Background:

Owner of Freedom$oft; A successful real estate investing software
Has flipped houses in over 20 states for over 15 years
Currently writing a book called CASH IN, What To Do Before, During & After The Next Housing Market Crash
Based in Denver, Colorado
Say hi to him at www.freedomsoft.com

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