February 3, 2016

JF519: See What He Bought after Selling Around 55 Rental Properties

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A “tape” is a spreadsheet of loans that are for sale, and our Best Ever guest decided to liquidate his 55 rental properties and invest in a $3MM tape of mortgages. He desired to be the bank instead of the landlord. Hear his story and how he made better use of his time!

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Sid Hameed’s real estate background:

–          Based in Annapolis, Maryland

–          Been in real estate investing since 1989 in bank owned properties

–          Say hi to him at http://www.Brickfrontproperties.com

–          Merged his real estate brokerage with Keller Williams of $27M gross commission income

–          Licensed general contractor and has built 2 apt buildings

–          His Best Eve book is: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

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