October 14, 2015

JF407: 5 Takeaways from a Book that Gives You an UNFAIR Advantage

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I was recommended Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff by a client of mine. I was hooked from page 1.

This book is for anyone who sells anything. It is one of the most effective books at helping you get more transactions completed.

If I had to summarize it in 25 words or less here’s what I would say:

Take control of meeting.

Tell a story.

Remember you are the prize.

Don’t be needy.


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Read it. Hug it. Sleep with it. You need this book. Here are my Top 5 takeaways.

  1. You are the prize.
    1. Money is a commodity. It doesn’t do anything unless it goes to work investing in something. What you are selling is the prize. Act accordingly.
  2. You have a crocodile brain. And so do your clients.
    1. You must make the message:
      1. New, novel and intriguing
      2. Tease the solution to their problem but wait to give solution until later
      3. Tell a story – don’t focus on analytics
  3. When pitching remember the acronym, STRONG
    1. Set the frame
    2. Tell the story
    3. Reveal the intrigue
    4. Offer the prize
    5. Nail the hookpoint
    6. Get the deal
  4. Immediately secure “frame control” by using light humor and defiance
    1. Every meeting you should establish what Oren calls “frame control.” Essentially frame control is being the alpha in the meeting even when there are alphas already present. The frame is like an empty picture frame that we see the world through. If we have frame control then people see our view of the world through our frame.
    2. He does this by using light humor and toying with the other people in the meeting while showing defiance is necessary (see page 33 of his book)
  5. Don’t establish rapport. Establish “local star power”.
    1. According to Oren, he thinks rapport is overrated. He’s never won a deal by having small talk at the beginning of the meeting because that small talk’s purpose is to determine who has the frame control in the meeting.Some bonus takeaways:
  • Make the buyer qualify themselves to you.
  • Remember the fundamental behaviors of human beings:
    • We chase that which moves away from us
    • We want what we can’t have
    • We only place value on things that are difficult to obtain
  • Have a personally intriguing story (see page 56 of book for how to structure the story)


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