September 29, 2015

JF 392: You're Missing Out Without Condos in Your Portfolio


He invests in properties most investors won’t touch…condos. Our Best Ever guest is an advocate of LOW maintenance, and for that reason condos fit his criteria. He shares the 1% rule with the Best Ever listeners and how he vets prospective deals before pulling the trigger. Hear where his goals are taking him and hold onto your seat when you hear his passive cash flow vision!


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Russell Brazil’s real estate background:


  • Realtor with Long and Foster based in Maryland, DC, and Virginia
  • Buy and hold investor specializing in condos but also owns single family homes, multifamily homes and townhomes
  • Occasionally flips homes as well
  • Based in Rockville, Maryland which is a suburb of Washington DC
  • He’s a 3rd generation motorcycle rider


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