September 28, 2015

JF391: Hidden Cash Flow Streams You NEED to Learn About

Not every deal is a home run, but you can find the hidden cash in there somewhere. Our Best Ever guest is handling the low to no equity deals and has made millions doing so! Beginning as a hair dresser, he cut out the middle class mindset and began investing…but he started by learning the basics first! He has accomplished a system of automation using a popular CRM. Hear about how he structures his deals and how he makes money today, monthly, and years down the road on one house!



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Ian Flannigan’s real estate background:


  • Successfully investing in real estate since 2006 and focused on building cash flow through a “hidden cash flow deal” strategy
  • Based in Dallas, Texas and you can say hi to him at
  • Over 120 deals of wholesale and seller financing deals
  • Former hair dresser and current drummer in the Adam Nanez



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