September 19, 2015

JF382: How She Saved a BILLION Gallons of a Vital Resource! #situationsaturday


Wondering why dollars are leaking from you bank account every month? A drip here and there will impact your net operating income MASSIVELY; we are talking hundreds of thousands, even millions, down the drain! Today’s Best Ever guest is a water conservation expert, and she has saved billions of gallons of water for countless property managers across the map. You will hear a couple water saving tips that will crank your multi-family investment’s cap rate up a notch, don’t miss out!  
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We have found that in the apartment world, it’s especially difficult to change tenant behavior.
Katie Anderson’s background: 

Founded Save Water Co and was named Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 in 2015 for her water conservation work

Focusing on the apartment industry, she has performed water audits in over 150,000 apartment units nationwide conserving just under 1 billion gallons of water and providing big savings towards owners’ and residents’ bottom lines

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