September 16, 2015

JF380: How to Raise Capital, Buy Cheap Notes, and Fund Start-Ups

Today’s Best Ever guest set out to raise money to fund…well, just about everything! From business start-ups to breakthrough inventions, he has been the key to business execution. Our Best Ever guest is a big player in the note buying game; he’s able to acquire a note package for UNDER half price…he’s also going to share 12 ways to profit from note deals…you MUST see his article here:
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Know what you’re buying before you buy it.

Christopher Winkler’s real estate background:

Manager of Silverwood Capital, LLC, a real estate investment firm specializing  in discounted residential distressed and toxic assets

He has over 30 years in raising venture capital, sales, marketing debt mediation and collection practices

He has helped raise over $20 million in private equity for early stage companies

Based in Costa Mesa, California

Say hi to him at 

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