September 14, 2015

JF377: How He Bought 8 Rentals in 4 Months!

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Starting at age 27, our Best Ever guest made an easy $8,000 return on his first fix and flip! His tenacious 30 offers a day with the help of a determined virtual assistant gathered big returns. One of his most noteworthy investments was a single family residence he was inches away from selling…but before he completed the wholesale transaction, his mentor gave him a better idea…you’ll be on the edge of your seat once you hear how it turned out!


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Ehab Shoukry’s real estate background:


  • Two-time air hockey world champion who has worked in corporate America for the last 15 years

  • Dabbled in real estate at 27 but got serious this year and has purchased 8 rentals in four months

  • Target price range is $55,000 with monthly rent around $1,100 to maximize cash-on-cash return

  • Based in Houston, Texas and say hi to him at 


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