October 6, 2014

JF33: Using All Sorts of Financing to Build Your Empire  

401k, banks, and hard money lenders oh my! Plus owner financing, cash and mortgage brokers. Today’s Best Ever guest has financed properties through all these ways and shares with you tips for how to decide which one makes the most sense based on the property. Plus, we talk about the keys to picking the right tenant and how that approach can influence your buying strategy. Tune in to listen to his Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever! Bill Shaffer’s real estate background: –        He and his wife own 10 properties with 22 units in Colorado and Wyoming –        Been investing for over 12 years in real estate –        Real estate agent and also a civil engineer – unique combo, right?!?     Subscribe in iTunes and Stitcher so you don’t miss an episode!     Sponsored by: Door Devil – visit www.doordevil.comand enter “bestever” to get an exclusive 20% discount on your purchase. 

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