July 27, 2015

JF328: The THREE Steps to Determine the Feasibility of Raw Land

Not only does today's Best Ever guest share with us all she knows about real estate, but we have a step by step guide to determining if YOU should invest in raw land. We also dicuss why she is focused on single family homes right now, and whast to look for on a property before you buy.

Best Ever Tweet:
I have to inspect what I expect.

Sarah Close's real estate background:
- Third generation realtor based in Cincinnati, Ohio
- Opened first Keller Williams franchise in Cincinnati and it has grown to 199 agents
- Operating principle of 3 Keller Williams franchises in Cincinnati, West Chester and Beaver Creek, Ohio
- Subdivision development, rentals and commercial property
- Say hi to her at http://www.getclosetohome.com
- Did an episode of House Hunters

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