July 18, 2015

JF319: Yeah?Ya Definitely Need a Real Estate Coach For THIS Reason

Today’s Best Ever guest is upfront and honest and it has paid off for him. He tells it like it is, and shares with us incredible value about fix and flips, single family homes and why it’s SO important to have a real estate coach.

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Gavin Welch’s real estate background:

–          Investor and businessman based in Lakeland, Florida and does single family homes and fix and flips

–          Realtor in the Polk Count area helping clients identify and purchase investment properties

–          Host of the popular podcast, The Real Estate Loop

–          Visit him at http://www.thereloop.com

–          Founded a non-profit organization in 2000 called Servants Heart and is fluent in Spanish

–          Recently got in a car wreck and rolled his car 3 times at 50 mph

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