June 20, 2015

JF291: How Getting Kicked Out of College Led to a Lucrative Real Estate Career


Today’s Best Ever guest has SO many stories to share, and they include having his credit stolen, and buying stolen properties! Phew, I’m anxious after conducting this interview I can’t even imagine going through it! Listen up, because he shares with us all about hard money lending, and why he will absolutely lend to first time investors.

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Rod Stanback’s real estate background:

–          Owner of Flip Funding LLC which is a hard money lender which does over $20M of funding annually

–          Owner of over $1M in real estate holdings and acquires 4 buy and holds annually

–          Don’t get in a fight with him either! His favorite hobby is boxing.

–          Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

–          http://www.Flipfunding.com

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