October 2, 2014
Joe Fairless

JF 29: Questions You Need Answers to Prior to Your 1st Convo with Commercial Broker

First impressions go a long way. When you first meet a commercial broker it’s important to make a good impression so that you can build a good relationship with him or her over time. That increases the amount of deals you see and close on.

So, how do you make a good first impression? Bart Weprin shares the questions you should have answers to prior to speaking with a broker.

Bart Weprin’s real estate background:

–        90 transactions valued at nearly 300MM over last 3 years

–        Received award as #1 ranked Eastern Region broker for Sperry Van Ness

–        Over 20 years experience in commercial real estate

–        Managing Director at Sperry Van Ness and focused on multifamily

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