May 10, 2022
Joe Fairless

JF2807: Raise Capital and Expand Your Network with This Time-Saving Software Solution ft. Perry Zheng

Perry Zheng is the founder and CEO of Cash Flow Portal, a real estate syndication software and investor portal. He got his start as a software engineer for Amazon and Twitter, then became an engineering manager for Lyft. He began syndicating during this time, which inspired him to launch Cash Flow Portal. In this episode, Perry discusses why he created the software, the factors that have contributed to its success so far, and his vision for the future of Cash Flow Portal.  


A Solution for Syndicators

During Perry’s first syndication deal in 2019, he relied heavily on DocuSign and spreadsheets. He decided to make his life easier by creating his own software, and he hired a small team of engineers to help. They would allow beta users — syndicators Perry knew — to try the software out for free. By 2021, Cash Flow Portal had gone public.

Designed to help syndicators do their first deals, Cash Flow Portal is an investor portal and marketplace combined. The marketplace aspect allows passive investors to find sponsors, view their track record, and initiate a connection. 


Contributing Factors to the Software’s Success

Cash Flow Portal was accepted by Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley accelerator program for startups. “The acceptance rate is about 2%,” Perry says. “Once you get into the program, on average, about 2% or 4% of those companies go on to become billion-dollar companies.” Graduating from the program was a humbling experience for Perry. “It was exactly where I needed to be,” he says, “and I learned a lot.”

Before getting into YC, Perry and his team had raised $4M for Cash Flow Portal. After graduating, they raised an additional million. Today, he says Cash Flow Portal is growing by 50% month over month, with 300 syndicators and 3,000 investors engaging on the platform. 


The Vision for Cash Flow Portal

A year ago, credible syndicators and reputable industry leaders told Perry that syndicators don’t want their investors to be poached, and if Cash Flow Portal became a marketplace, his customers would vanish. However, Perry envisioned a transparent platform that LPs could trust to help them make educated investment decisions. “It was not easy to make an investor portal to also be a marketplace,” Perry says. However, a year later, he says the marketplace has been very well-received.

Today, he is working on expanding the Cash Flow brand to include Cash Flow Underwriting and Cash Flow KPIs within the next two to three years, in addition to a property management software, Cash Flow Management.

Perry Zheng | Real Estate Background


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