April 13, 2022
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JF2780: How Empowering Women in Real Estate Benefits Everyone ft. Liz Faircloth

Multifamily syndicator Liz Faircloth began her real estate journey when she and her (now) husband, Matt Faircloth, purchased their first duplex 16 years ago. Since launching the DeRosa Group together in 2005, they now have $130M under control and management. Throughout this process, Liz met her partner, Andresa. As they did deals together, they realized they had a shared passion and need to bring women together in the real estate space — so together, they created the InvestHER community.


The Inspiration Behind InvestHER

Since attending graduate school for social work, Liz Faircloth has been passionate about supporting women in living lives on their own terms. Things really clicked, however, when Liz and Andresa began working together. They discussed their mutual desire to bring women in real estate together to form a like-minded community, and soon, InvestHER was born.


Why Should Men Care?

Liz was recently asked this question while being interviewed on another podcast, and it caught her by surprise. Her answer? Whenever a shift toward equality occurs, everyone should care to be involved in it. InvestHER wasn’t created to pit women against men, but to give women a space to keep building relationships with anyone on any level. Liz is grateful to the men who support and appreciate this community she and Andresa have created.


Her Advice for Female Beginners

For young beginners fresh out of school, Liz suggests finding a mentor. “Meet people in your local community,” she says. “Get to know those local rockstars and start to build a relationship with them.” Once a relationship is established, that’s when you ask: “How can I help you? How can I work for free for you?” Liz says. 

For women interested in starting in real estate who are a bit older, Liz advises evaluating whether you need to be an active or passive investor. Finding an answer to that requires you to know what your short-term and long-term goals are. Assess where you want to be, and then assess how active you want to be.


Do Women-Centered Meetups Exclude Men?

While anyone is allowed to attend InvestHER meetups, they are geared toward women. Liz attributes this to the importance of creating a safe space for female investors, particularly if they are new to the game. Entering the real estate space can be intimidating for women, and communities like InvestHER provide them with the support, encouragement, and focused attention they need to succeed.


Her Best Ever Advice: Don’t Give Up

Liz says it’s easy in the beginning to wonder if you aren’t cut out for real estate — there have been many times in her 16-year career that she’s wondered that, herself. But because she and her husband didn’t give up, they were able to find their stride, discover their niche, and develop the flourishing business they have today.


Liz Faircloth | Real Estate Background

Greatest lesson: I have learned no matter what to never give up and always find a way to make what you want to see happen.

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