September 14, 2021

JF2569: The Secret Sauce to Raising Capital with Timothy Lyons

NYC firefighter Timothy Lyons thought he was living the W-2 dream until he realized he just wasn’t financially educated. Once he decided on multifamily investing, he jumped in headfirst. Tim is talking about how he got into investing at the beginning of COVID, how he became a capital raising expert, deal sourcing, and if he believes it’s more important to have the deal first or the capital. 

Timothy Lyons Real Estate Background:

  • Principal and Managing Partner of Cityside Capital
  • Lieutenant in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) who quickly went from three units to 721 units worth >$100M in 18 months
  • Cityside Capital has $45 million of assets under management including 335 multifamily units
  • Limited partner in 256 multifamily units in Texas and in a large retail supercenter in Tennessee
  • $148,050,000 in assets under management as co-GP with 931 doors and currently working on a $76M, 400-unit asset as well
  • Based in Mineola, NY
  • Say hi to him at:
  • Best Ever Book: Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich: How YOU Can Create Freedom with Passive Income Investing


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