May 12, 2015

JF252: How to Change Your Direct Mail Campaign to Get More Leads


Lions and tigers and bears – OH MY! Oh my is right, because today’s Best Ever guest has the solution to getting more leads through direct mail. We discuss Section 8 housing, how to keep tenants and some super creative financing he used for his first property. We are walking down the yellow brick road to investing success!

Best Ever tweet: 

Joshua Inglis’s real estate background:

–          President of Midwest Real Estate Solutions  and Acquisitions Manager for Olivia Homes LLC based out of Chicago, Illinois

–          Specializes in flipping houses, short sales, auctions, rentals lending, seller financing, wholesaling and internet marketing

–          He has done over 50 flips over the last four years and been investing in real estate for 9 years

–          Founder of Redevelop University and is a coach for Fortune Builders

–          Say hi to him at

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