May 17, 2021

JF2449: Master Seller Financing, Leasing and Creative Financing with Bill Ham

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Bill Ham is a full-time real estate operator and syndicator who started as a corporate pilot. After discovering that the job was not as exciting as he thought, he learned how his friends made money for a month was the same as how much he made in a year as a pilot. He first sold a duplex, earned $300, and that was the start of his real estate journey. Out of a thousand units, his first 402 units were completed through “creative financing”, while the rest are through seller financing and master lease. In this episode, Bill dissected his experience and insights in real estate investing by utilizing these three forms of financing.


Bill Ham | Real Estate Background

  • Full-time real estate operator and syndicator
  • 15 years of experience
  • Portfolio consist of 1100 units
  • Based in Georgia 
  • Say hi to him at:  

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“You should build, refresh, reset, and keep in touch with your network constantly.” –Bill Ham

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