May 4, 2015

JF244: How to Make Sure You Get the FIRST Call for a Deal

Today?s Best Ever guest shares with us, just how profitable office space is, even though it seems incredibly difficult. We discuss how to build long lasting relationships, and how to be the FIRST and last person to receive a phone call about a potential deal.

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When you?re looking for deals, spend a lot of time an energy understanding people?s incentives.

Gary Linhart?s real estate background:

- Managing director of ViaWest, co-manages the investment strategy and finance activity and leads the public markets activity for the company that is based in Phoenix, Arizona

- He has managed the company?s multifamily portfolio and oversee the acquisition, conversation and disposition of over 2,000 apartment units to condominiums

- Fluent in Japanese and proficient in Spanish

- Say hi to him at

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