March 27, 2021

JF2398: Niching Down By Writing A Book To 4x Your Conversion Rate With Max Keller


Operating in a crowded market has its challenges. In 2017, the return on Max’s adspend was growing smaller and smaller, and Max started looking for alternative ways of attracting clients in Dallas. Having a ton of competitors and the same list of clients as everyone else made him feel like he was worth a dime a dozen. That’s why he started niching down to the senior market and creating additional value for the deals with the help of a referral list and senior housing information. After a while, he wrote a book for his ideal client that helped him get exclusive deals and expanded his customer base.

Max Keller Real Estate Background: 

  • Real estate investor, speaker, and mentor
  • 5 years of real estate experience
  • Max’s unique marketing approach landed him onstage with Robert Kiyosaki & the 2019 industry innovator of the year award
  • Flipped over 100 houses 
  • Based in Dallas, TX
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Deep work

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Best Ever Tweet:

“I’m not trying to help the whole world; I’m trying to help the people that I’m most situated to add value to” – Max Keller.

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