February 11, 2021

JF2354: 5 Risk Profiles In Multifamily Real Estate

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Today Theo and Travis will be sharing a list of 5 risk profiles in real estate. And while these risk profiles are the same for any real estate, the hosts will be focusing specifically on multifamily properties.

The list ranges from A-list properties located in the country’s top markets that are considered to be cash flow properties to buildings that are considered to be high-risk investments.

And while it’s important to invest within your risk tolerance, having the property be flagged as “high risk” may not mean that it’s a bad investment. Theo and Travis share their thoughts on what can make a risky investment attractive to a limited partner.

We also have a Syndication School series about the “How To’s” of apartment syndications, and be sure to download your FREE document by visiting SyndicationSchool.com. Thank you for listening! 

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