April 21, 2015

JF231: How to Ensure You and Your Investors get the MAXIMUM Return on Investment


Data, data and more data. Clearly defining his goals and being able to back up his company with data made investors want to buy in, and it can for you to! With today’s Best Ever guest, we discuss the THREE market trends you need to recognize to maximize your ROI and why data is SO important to starting your company.

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Anthemos Georgiades’s real estate background:

Co-founder and CEO of Zumper, an apartment search website for both landlords and renters

Zumper has raised $8.2M in venture capital with about 1M people a month based in SF

–Worked at Boston Consulting Group and was a speechwriter in British politics before moving to the US to get his MBA from Harvard, where he founded Zumper in 2012

– Owns property in the UK and in California

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