December 28, 2020

JF2309: Beginning Their Investing Journey With Ambrose & Chidi Ozieh

Ambrose and Chidi Ozieh are both young real estate investors who have been investing for the past 6 years. Ambrose left her education job to focus on real estate investing and being an active agent. During these few years, they have acquired 5 rental properties and currently work together to continue to grow their portfolio. Ambrose and Chidi Ozieh Real Estate Background: Ambrose recently left her education job and is now focusing full-time on real estate as an active agent and investor Chidi, her husband, is an artist and investor part-time 6 years of real estate experience Portfolio consists of 5 rental properties Based in Brooklyn, NY Say hi to them at Best Ever Book: for more info on Best Ever Tweet: “Just get started” – Ambrose & Chidi Ozieh

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