December 25, 2020
Joe Fairless

JF2306: Starting With 130k With Will Clark

Will Clark is a full-time student at Vanderbilt University and has recently started in real estate focusing on wholesale and flipping properties. In the past 12 months he has earned $130,000 from 7 properties and today he will be sharing how he got started.

Will Clark Real Estate Background: 

  • Full-time student at Vanderbilt University
  • Recently started his real estate journey with 12 months of experience
  • Has grossed $130,000 in wholesale & flipping profits from 7 properties
  • Based in  Nashville, TN
  • Say hi to him at 

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Quit procrastinating and organizing, trying to make things perfect, don’t be afraid to make mistakes” – Will Clark

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