April 17, 2015

JF227: The COMPLETE Guide to Investing in Single-Family Properties

In an airport bookstore at a low point in her life, today’s Best Ever guest experienced a life changing moment. Learn what was so special about that ONE moment, how to determine the best market for your next deal, and why she conducted her first deal sitting on a box. Listen up, because she doesn’t only share incredible investing advice, she shares motivational life advice.

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Tamera Aragon’s real estate background:

Investing since 2003 and invested in hundreds of properties

She is based in Stockton, California

Done ground-up development, wholesale, fix and flip, buy and hold `

– Founded her first multi-million dollar company when she was 20

– Say hi to her at http://www.reiposse.com

– Learn more about Locator Gold and Tamera’s Getaway Experience 

Tamera’s Best Ever websites for determining a good market:

Mortgage Rates

Unemployment Rates

Federal Housing Finance Agency House Price Index (HPI)

Foreclosure Trends

Real Estate Investing News

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