April 14, 2015

JF224: Some SURPRISING Things You May Not Know About Your IRA

Did you know that your IRA isn’t just for paying greens fees at the golf course when you retire? Today, our Best Ever guest shares with us some of the incredible tax benefits of using your IRA to fund your next deal and why using an IRA might be the Best Ever thing you can tell YOUR investors!   Mike Howe’s real estate background: – Director of Institutional Products at PENSCO based in San Francisco, California –    Works with clients to help them understand the tax benefits of investing using a self-directed IRA in real estate – Visit him at http://www.pensco.com/blog   Subscribe in iTunes  and  Stitcher  so you don’t miss an episode!   Made Possible Because of Our Best Ever Sponsors:   Norada Real Estate – Having a hard time finding great investment properties?Unfortunately, the best deals are rarely found locally. Norada Real Estate’s simple proven system provides you with the best deals across the U.S. to create wealth and cash-flow.Get your FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Out-of-State Real Estate Investing at www.NoradaRealEstate.com/Guide Patch of Land – Want to learn more about crowdfunding? Let the leading expert in the crowdfunding space, Patch of Land, give you all the info you need to get started. Grab your FREE copy of Top Ten Answers to the Top Ten Crowdfunding Questions at www.PatchOfLand.com/bestever

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