April 7, 2015

JF217: You Only Have ONE Chance to Make a Good Flippin? Impression

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Just how important is it to meet and know the neighbors? Today’s Best Ever guest teaches us how important the neighbors are in your next flip, how he made over ONE MILLION dollars on his first 50 flips, and his Best Ever way to grow your flipping business.

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J Scott’s real estate background:

J Scott is an investor specializing in residential rehabbing/flipping based in Washington D.C.

Completed 150+ deals since 2008, has bought and sold over $25M in property

Earned more than $1,075,291 on his first 50 flips

– He is the author of the best-selling book, “The Book on Flipping Houses

– J also runs the website 123Flip.com, which provides insight into every aspect of his real estate business

– Used to be a professional poker player – took 2nd in largest poker tournaments in history

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