March 31, 2015

JF210: DON?T Call Them Tenants! Instead, Call Them?

Today’s Best Ever guest shares with you a unique approach when to referring to tenants. An approach that will likely change your philosophy on how to think about your rental property and management of it.   Best Ever Tweet:   We learn things we’re excited about.   Dane Lane’s real estate background: – Host of the popular podcast, Rental Income Podcast based outside of Washington, D.C. – Wanted to own rental property so turned old house into rental and bought a new house –        Sold house and made $100,000 on his first investment property –        When he was 11 years old he had a TV show     Subscribe in iTunes  and  Stitcher  so you don’t miss an episode!     Sponsored by Patch of Land – Could you do more deals if you had more money? Let the crowdfunding platform, Patch of Land, find investors for you and fund your next deal…and your next deal…and your next deal…and…well, just go find out more at

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