March 27, 2015

JF206: Tips for Using the MLS to Find Deals

Today’s Best Ever guests share with you how they find their properties on the MLS. Plus, they share their business model of fixing, flipping then reinvesting the profits back into buy-and-hold properties.   Best Ever Tweet:   Things aren’t just going to happen.   Michael Noto and Bill Labrecque’s real estate background: –        Michael is a licensed relator based in Hartford, Connecticut o   10 years as a landlord, rehabber and investor-friendly realtor o   Co-founder at NEICO –        Bill – cofounder, at NEICO o   Manages properties, flips them and invests in them §  Has 70 properties under management §  Owns 7 properties §  Flipped 7 properties   Subscribe in iTunes  and  Stitcher  so you don’t miss an episode!     Sponsored by Patch of Land – Could you do more deals if you had more money? Let the crowdfunding platform, Patch of Land, find investors for you and fund your next deal…and your next deal…and your next deal…and…well, just go find out more at

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