February 10, 2020

JF1986: How to Sell a Wireless Lease Agreement with James Kennedy

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James Kennedy, founder and CEO of SteepSteel, discusses ground and rooftop leases for cell towers. He explains how to sell a cell tower lease at the same time as purchasing a property to be less out of pocket when buying. Listen to today’s #SkillsetSunday episode to find out how to manage or sell a wireless lease.

James Kennedy Real Estate Background:

  • Founder and CEO of SteepSteel
  • Has been working and consulting in real estate investment and development for more than 30 years
  • He is uniquely qualified to analyze, interpret, and discuss wireless agreements, as well as their impact on (and relationship to) underlying and adjacent real estate.
  • Based in Woodlands, TX
  • Say hi to him at https://steepsteel.com/

Best Ever Tweet:

“The possibilities are endless in terms of problems that aren’t anticipated by buyers because they’re just not used to looking at these types of assets relative to traditional real estate leases.” – James Kennedy

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