June 10, 2019

JF1742: New Investors Run Out Of Money, Find Money Partner At Local Meetup with Grant Warrington


Grant and his wife set out to be real estate investors, started buying properties but quickly ran out of money. He went to a local meetup where he met a young successful investor (Josh Sterling) who gave him tips on how to move forward. They took his advice and ran with it, getting up to 11 units in two years, after thinking they were out of money to move forward. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“If we’re going to stay on this path, how many houses would we need?” – Grant Warrington


Grant Warrington Real Estate Background:

  • Started investing in real estate in 2004 – bankruptcy followed, restarted in 2014
  • Currently owns 20+ units with is wife and business partner, Monika
  • Oversees the operations of 736 units for Epic Property Management
  • Based in Detroit, MI
  • Say hi to him at https://bluerockcapital.net/


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